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Te Tuamarama

  • International School of Tahitian Dance

    What is Te Tuamarama? Te Tuamarama is an international school of Ori Tahiti, a tradition of...

  • The Te Tuamarama Team

    The act of creating Ori Tahiti shows requires not only a choreographer and an instructor, but also...

  • Tamae Haruka Hitimahana

    Tamae came to receive her training with me in 2010, for a whole week. She was already teaching in...

  • Teachings

    It is my goal to instruct students in the same manner from which I was taught and from the lessons...


  • First heiva i Paris in September

    Heiva i Paris The first official Ori Tahiti competition will take place in Paris on September...

  • Ori Tahiti workshops took place in Berlin

    Workshops in Berlin were just wonderful ! In spite of summer hollyday, 14 students joined the...

  • Schools dance Heiva in Tahiti with Te Tuamarama

    Last year I created Te Tuamarama international school of Tahitian dance. It will be our first involvement in the heiva festival .
    Te Tuamarama students live in Japan, Canada, United states, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, England, and soon in Mexico.
    This year only Japanese girls are joining in the heiva event.

Workshops to come

September 2014 – January 2015

Ori Tahiti workshops in Paris @ Juste debout
Sep 21 all-day
<!--:fr-->Stage de Ori Tahiti à PAris<!--:--><!--:en-->Ori Tahiti workshops in Paris<!--:--><!--:ja-->Ori Tahiti workshops in Paris<!--:--><!--:es-->Seminario de Ori Tahiti en Paris<!--:--><!--:de-->Tahitianischer tanz workshops in Paris<!--:--> @ Juste debout | Paris | Île-de-France | France

Sunday September 21st

10 h 30 / 13 h 30 technics and otea routine

14 h 30 / 17 h 30 end of otea routine and aparima

Choice of Aparima
E pahu iti e Corinne Tiatia

Tahiti fenua heeuri Sabrina

Another song, more traditonnal , still to be chosen

In SEptember I cannot hold a full session about technics. So dance technics and corrections of basic steps will be included in the Otea routine session. Consequently, we will finish the routine during the afternoon session. Then we’ll learn the aparima.

This workshop cannot really be separated into morning class and an afternoon class.
However, for those who can only take the morning class to be able to join us, we propose a special rate.
But priority will be given to students taking full course.


morning class only : 55 €

whole workshop : 82 €

Ori Tahiti Tane workshop with Tuari’i in Paris @ ecole de danse Juste Debout
Sep 21 all-day
<!--:fr-->Stage de ori Tahiti Tane avec Tuari'i à Paris<!--:--><!--:en-->Ori Tahiti Tane workshop with Tuari'i in Paris<!--:--><!--:ja-->Ori Tahiti Tane workshop with Tuari'i in PAris<!--:--><!--:es-->Seminario Ori Tahtiti Tane con Tuari'i en Paris<!--:--><!--:de-->Ori Tahiti MännerWorkshop mit Tuari'i in Paris<!--:--> @ ecole de danse Juste Debout | Paris | Île-de-France | France

IMG_8965542529007Tuari’i will lead a boy tahitian dance workshop on SEptember 21st. Same day and same place as the girls workwhop.

The workshop is for all levels, as well for beginners as for intermediate or even advanced students.

Morning : 10 am to 1 pm

review of basic steps : paoti, taparuru, oua, ( oua ofati, tipae, taahiraa) , tumami
Otea routine, to drums. According to the level of the attenders, a second routine may be passed down.
Should students assimilate easily, another choreography could be lernt.

Afternoon : 3 pm to 6 pm

Ori Toa and aparima

Should you need more informations please contact Tuari’i on the facebook event page.

rates :
morning class : 41 €
aftenoon class : 41 €

whole day : 82 €

Tahitian dance workshops in Montréal @ Montréal Québec
Sep 27 – Sep 28 all-day
<!--:fr-->Stage de Ori TAhiti à Montréal<!--:--><!--:en-->Tahitian dance workshops in Montréal<!--:--><!--:ja-->Tahitian dance workshops in Montréal<!--:--><!--:es-->Tahitian dance workshops in Montréal<!--:--><!--:de-->Tahitian dance workshops in Montréal<!--:--> @ Montréal Québec | Montréal | Québec | Canada

Saturday September 27th

Module 1
13h30 à 16h30 dance techniques and Drills all levels
Sunday September 28th

10h00 / 13h00 warm up and Otea choreography

13h00 à 14h00 “lecture” et questions about the danse and polynesian culture
14h00 à 15h00 brake

15h00 à 18h00 Aparima choreography

75 $ one workshop
150 $ tow workshops
200 $ the three workshops

Ori Tahiti workshops in Yokohama @ liberty
Nov 8 all-day
<!--:fr-->Stages de Ori Tahiti à Yokohama<!--:--><!--:en-->Ori Tahiti workshops in Yokohama<!--:--><!--:ja-->オリタヒチのワークショップ in 横浜<!--:--><!--:es-->Ori Tahiti workshops in Yokohama<!--:--><!--:de-->Ori Tahiti workshops in Yokohama<!--:--> @ liberty | Yokohama | Kanagawa | Japon

Saturday November 9th

1 pm to 2.30 pm Aparima

Mizue will make a choice in advance out of a few songs.

2. 45 pm to 4 45 pm Basic :

dance technics, drills for steps we learn, and short routine to drums to pu steps into practice

2. 15 pm to 3 45 pm Aparima

Mizue will make a choice in advance out of a few songs.

5 pm to 6.30 pm Otea

Otea routine, to drums. choreography will be built according to the level of the attenders.

Ori Tahiti teacher’s training course @ hotel Novotel
Dec 4 – Dec 6 all-day
<!--:fr-->Stage de formation à l'enseignement du Ori Tahiti<!--:--><!--:en-->Ori Tahiti teacher's training course<!--:--><!--:ja-->Ori Tahiti teacher's training course<!--:--><!--:es--> Formacion de la enseñanza del Ori Tahiti - Mexico<!--:--><!--:de-->Ori Tahiti teacher's training course<!--:--> @ hotel Novotel  | Monterrey | Nuevo León | Mexique

Teacher’s training course in Mexico December 2014

Duración: 18 horas / 3 días

Dirigido a:
- Personas que enseñan y deseen adquirir más conocimiento y enseñanza de la danza.
- Personas que deseen comenzar a enseñar el ori Tahiti.
- Personas que quieran profundizar sus conocimientos en la danza.

Este seminario está diseñado para profesores de danza.
Es una formación contínua para la enseñanza del Ori Tahiti.

Ésta formación comprende varios módulos. Cada modulo sera validado al final del Seminario.

El reconocimiento final se otorgará una vez que yo pueda visitor a las personas que le han dado seguimiento a la formación del PEC Master y costate que podrán transmitir la danza a sus propios estudiantes.

El contenido de cada Seminario será comunicado directamente a las personas interesadas.

Ori Tahiti workshops in Mexico DF @ Mexico DF
Dec 14 all-day
<!--:fr-->Stage de ori Tahiti Mexico DF<!--:--><!--:en-->Ori Tahiti workshops in Mexico DF<!--:--><!--:ja-->Ori Tahiti workshops in Mexico DF<!--:--><!--:es-->Talleres de danza Tahitiana en Mexico DF<!--:--><!--:de-->Tahitianischer Tanz Workshops in Mexico DF<!--:--> @ Mexico DF | Mexico | District fédéral | Mexique

It is a one day workshop : 11 am to 18 pm with a one hour break.

Three parts :
part one : basics, technics , and drills. The level will be adapted according to what students can do. basically, this is not an initiation class.

part 2 : choreography otea routine ( to drums)

part 3 : aparima choreography

Duration of each part will depend on what students will like best.

Intensive teacher’s training course in Berlin @ La Caminada
Jan 20 – Jan 22 all-day
<!--:fr-->Stage intensif pour l'enseignement du Ori Tahiti à Berlin<!--:--><!--:en-->Intensive teacher's training course in Berlin<!--:--><!--:ja-->Intensive teacher's training course in Berlin<!--:--><!--:es-->Formacion de la enseñanza del Ori Tahiti – Berlin<!--:--><!--:de-->Lehrer-Intensivkurs für tahitianischen Tanz in Berlin<!--:--> @ La Caminada | Berlin | Berlin | Allemagne

January 20th to 22nd 2015

This workshop is :
- for the ones who started teaching Tahitian dance but have not learnt how to pass it down in suitable way
- for Tahitian dance practitioners who plan to start teaching Tahitian dance
- for practitioners who want to take an intensive three day workshop including explanations about Ori Tahiti technics, and Polynesian culture and music.

The workshop duration is 18 hours , 3 days 6 hours a day.

The contents of the workshop includes the way of passing down the dance (pedagogy)
(More detailed explanations of the content of the workshop will be given to people who are interested to participate).

Ori Tahiti by Joëlle

Logo de Ori Tahiti by Joelle