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Workshops to come

Intensive 3 days workshop level 1 @ Wangen
Aug 5 – Aug 7 all-day
<!--:fr-->Stage intensif de 3 jours niveau 1<!--:--><!--:en-->Intensive 3 days workshop level 1<!--:--><!--:ja-->Intensive 3 days workshop level 1<!--:--><!--:es-->Intensive 3 days workshop level 1<!--:--><!--:de-->Intensive 3 days workshop level 1<!--:--> @ Wangen  | Wangen | Alsace | France

This course is for people who wish to start teaching Tahitian dance, to those who are already teaching and want to get better, or to those who just want to take a 3 days intensive course to deeply learn the dance., and no more about it.

Day 1 is about using the body while practicing Tahitian dance : Positions, body position, breathing.
Day 2 is about deeply reviewing basis of the dance, and learning variation steps and fusion steps.
Day 3 : during day 3 we will mainly learn about pedagogy of the dance.

details to be given to the attenders once they register.

Should one of the participant ask for learning about teaching to very young kids, a special unit can be included.

During the workshop students will be asked to do “homework”, to apply what we learn.

Ori Tahiti workshop in Alsace @ Salle des fêtes
Aug 9 all-day
<!--:fr-->Stage de Ori Tahiti en Alsace<!--:--><!--:en-->Ori Tahiti workshop in Alsace<!--:--><!--:ja-->Ori Tahiti workshop in Alsace<!--:--><!--:es-->Ori Tahiti workshop in Alsace<!--:--><!--:de-->Workshop in Tahitianischem Tanz im Elsass<!--:--> @ Salle des fêtes | Wangen | Alsace | France

Sunday, whole day

To give time to people coming form Colmar or from Stuttgart, we will start at 10 .30
Morning 10. 30 / 14 h
afternoon 15 . 30 / 18 h

Contents of the workshop

review of the basis and dance technics

Simple choreography to drums ( otea routine )

Aparima : modern aparima or old style aparima.
Puatea roo nui ( Sabrina) or a ” belle époque song.

Fee : 70 €

Deutsche Schüler wenden sich für Informationen und die Anmeldung bitte an Therese Degen…..

Therèse Degen kelekia [dot] degen [at] googlemail [dot] com
0049 711 2572482

Workshop in Paris @ Juste debout school
Sep 13 all-day
<!--:fr-->Stage à Paris<!--:--><!--:en-->Workshop in Paris<!--:--><!--:ja-->Talleres in Paris<!--:--><!--:es-->Workshop in Paris<!--:--><!--:de-->Workshop in PAris<!--:--> @ Juste debout school | Paris | Île-de-France | France

Sunday September 13th

morning : 10 h / 13h Lunch pause afternoon : 14 h 30 / 17 h 30

Contents of the workshop :

review of the basis,, choreography to drums : otea routine, aparima
all chreographies will be intermediate level.
the aparima title will be released later on.

The fee is 83 €

Contents :
30 mn warm up and / review of the basis
otea routine intermediate level

Students will make a choice among 2 aparima : one “tahito” aparima ( traditional music) and one modern aparima .
The traditionnal one will be Tamaine . The modern one will be from last Sabrina CD.

If we have time, we will learn them both.

Ori Tahiti workshop in Montreal @ Studio Caravane
Sep 26 – Sep 27 all-day
<!--:fr-->Stage de ori Tahiti à Montréal<!--:--><!--:en-->Ori Tahiti workshop in Montreal<!--:--><!--:ja-->Ori Tahiti workshop in Montreal<!--:--><!--:es-->Ori Tahiti workshop in Montreal<!--:--><!--:de-->Ori Tahiti workshop in Montreal<!--:--> @ Studio Caravane | Montréal | Québec | Canada

Saturday September 26th

class 1 : 14h30 / 17h 30
Dance technic and short routine to Drums.
Basic steps and variation steps. This class is for all level students.

Class 4 Advanced students class
This class is only for advanced level dancers. Warm up and choreography to drums. ( Otea ).
The class will take place if 10 students participate, at least. Schedule to be confirmed soon

Sunday September 27

Class 2 : 10 .30 to 13.30
contents of the class : warm up and easy otea routine ( choreography to drums)

Class 3 : 14 h 30 to 17 h 30
Aparima choreography.

Sunday workshops will be “enjoy classes”. Last year the level was little bit to difficult. This year I plan to make it easier.Those who wish to take an advanced level class have to come on Saturday.


Sunday : 150 $ whole day class 2 and 3

Saturday :

75 $ one class

special rate for students ( until 25 years old) : 50$ one class.
you have to show your student card.

enrollment conditions

to register a deposit is to be made :

for one class : 25 $
for 2 classes : 50 $
for 3 classes : 75 $

Ori Tahiti workshop in Québec @ Ecole de danse orientale Shams
Oct 4 all-day
<!--:fr-->Stage de danse tahitienne à Québec<!--:--><!--:en-->Ori Tahiti workshop in Québec <!--:--><!--:ja-->Ori Tahiti workshop in Québec <!--:--><!--:es-->Ori Tahiti workshop in Québec <!--:--><!--:de-->Ori Tahiti workshop in Québec <!--:--> @ Ecole de danse orientale Shams | Québec | Québec | Canada

Ori Tahiti workshop in Québec city


Morning : 10 to 13.30

basis of the dance and easy choreography to drums ( otea routine)

Afternoon : 14.30 to 17

Aparima choréography
choreography to a song

choreographies to be fully different from those I will teach in Montreal


one class : 75 $
all day : 145 $

Enrollment conditions

to register a 35 $ deposit is to be made.

Tahitian dance workshop in Berlin @ La Caminada Tanz Studio
Dec 12 – Dec 13 all-day
<!--:fr-->Stage de Ori Tahiti à Berlin<!--:--><!--:en-->Tahitian dance workshop in Berlin<!--:--><!--:ja-->Tahitian dance workshop in Berlin<!--:--><!--:es-->Tahitian dance workshop in Berlin<!--:--><!--:de-->Workshop in Tahitianischem Tanz<!--:--> @ La Caminada Tanz Studio | Berlin | Berlin | Allemagne

Saturday December 12 th
12.30 / 18 including 30 mn break

Class 1 : dance technic and short routine to drums

Sunday December 13th
12.30 / 18 including 30 mn break

Class 2 :
warm up
otea routine
Aparima (easy to learn)

Ori Tahiti by Joëlle

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