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Te Tuamarama

  • International School of Tahitian Dance

    What is Te Tuamarama? Te Tuamarama is an international school of Ori Tahiti, a tradition of...

  • The Te Tuamarama Team

    The act of creating Ori Tahiti shows requires not only a choreographer and an instructor, but also...

  • Tamae Haruka Hitimahana

    Tamae came to receive her training with me in 2010, for a whole week. She was already teaching in...

  • Teachings

    It is my goal to instruct students in the same manner from which I was taught and from the lessons...



Workshops to come

Intensive teacher’s training course in Berlin @ La Caminada
Jan 20 – Jan 22 all-day
<!--:fr-->Stage intensif pour l'enseignement du Ori Tahiti à Berlin<!--:--><!--:en-->Intensive teacher's training course in Berlin<!--:--><!--:ja-->Intensive teacher's training course in Berlin<!--:--><!--:es-->Formacion de la enseñanza del Ori Tahiti – Berlin<!--:--><!--:de-->Lehrer-Intensivkurs für tahitianischen Tanz in Berlin<!--:--> @ La Caminada | Berlin | Berlin | Allemagne

January 20th to 22nd 2015

This workshop is :
- for the ones who started teaching Tahitian dance but have not learnt how to pass it down in suitable way
- for Tahitian dance practitioners who plan to start teaching Tahitian dance
- for practitioners who want to take an intensive three day workshop including explanations about Ori Tahiti technics, and Polynesian culture and music.

The workshop duration is 18 hours , 3 days 6 hours a day.

The contents of the workshop includes the way of passing down the dance (pedagogy)
(More detailed explanations of the content of the workshop will be given to people who are interested to participate).

Workshops in Berlin @ La Caminada studio
Jan 24 @ 12 h 30 min – Jan 25 @ 18 h 00 min
<!--:fr-->Stage à Berlin<!--:--><!--:en-->Workshops in Berlin<!--:--><!--:ja-->Workshops in Berlin<!--:--><!--:es-->Talleres in Berlin<!--:--><!--:de-->Workshops in Berlin<!--:--> @ La Caminada studio | Berlin | Berlin | Allemagne

Saturday 24 January

Workshop 12:30h to 18:00h
Duration: 5 hour 30 including a 30min. pause

Dance technique, mechanic of the steps, the way to use your body while dancing, drills for all steps. Short routines . All levels,
this session is available for all level students: Each of the attenders will be corrected personally.

Sunday 25 January

Workshop: From 12:30 to 18:00
Duration: 5 hs 30 min. including a 30 min. pause


1) Otea: To drum music 2 hours level of the choreography will be adapted to the level of the attenders.

2 ) To chants : 3 hours ( 2 Aparima)
Aparima Tipanie or another easy choreography
Aparima Na te moana or another one: elementary/ intermediate level.


84 € /day
All rates are to be paid when you enroll. please contact Andrea to get payment informations

Ori Tahiti by Joëlle

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