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Workshops to come

Workshop in Paris @ Juste debout school
Sep 13 all-day
<!--:fr-->Stage à Paris<!--:--><!--:en-->Workshop in Paris<!--:--><!--:ja-->Talleres in Paris<!--:--><!--:es-->Workshop in Paris<!--:--><!--:de-->Workshop in PAris<!--:--> @ Juste debout school | Paris | Île-de-France | France

Sunday September 13th

morning : 10 h / 13h Lunch pause afternoon : 14 h 30 / 17 h 30

Contents of the workshop :

review of the basis,, choreography to drums : otea routine, aparima
all chreographies will be intermediate level.
the aparima title will be released later on.

The fee is 83 €

Contents :
30 mn warm up and / review of the basis
otea routine intermediate level

Students will make a choice among 2 aparima : one “tahito” aparima ( traditional music) and one modern aparima .
The traditionnal one will be Tamaine . The modern one will be from last Sabrina CD.

If we have time, we will learn them both.

Ori Tahiti workshop in Montreal @ Studio Caravane
Sep 26 – Sep 27 all-day
<!--:fr-->Stage de ori Tahiti à Montréal<!--:--><!--:en-->Ori Tahiti workshop in Montreal<!--:--><!--:ja-->Ori Tahiti workshop in Montreal<!--:--><!--:es-->Ori Tahiti workshop in Montreal<!--:--><!--:de-->Ori Tahiti workshop in Montreal<!--:--> @ Studio Caravane | Montréal | Québec | Canada

Saturday September 26th

class 1 : 14h30 / 17h 30
Dance technic and short routine to Drums.
Basic steps and variation steps. This class is for all level students.

Class 4 Advanced students class
This class is only for advanced level dancers. Warm up and choreography to drums. ( Otea ).
The class will take place if 10 students participate, at least. Schedule to be confirmed soon

Sunday September 27

Class 2 : 10 .30 to 13.30
contents of the class : warm up and easy otea routine ( choreography to drums)

Class 3 : 14 h 30 to 17 h 30
Aparima choreography.

Sunday workshops will be “enjoy classes”. Last year the level was little bit to difficult. This year I plan to make it easier.Those who wish to take an advanced level class have to come on Saturday.


Sunday : 150 $ whole day class 2 and 3

Saturday :

75 $ one class

special rate for students ( until 25 years old) : 50$ one class.
you have to show your student card.

enrollment conditions

to register a deposit is to be made :

for one class : 25 $
for 2 classes : 50 $
for 3 classes : 75 $

Ori Tahiti workshop in Québec @ Ecole de danse orientale Shams
Oct 4 all-day
<!--:fr-->Stage de danse tahitienne à Québec<!--:--><!--:en-->Ori Tahiti workshop in Québec <!--:--><!--:ja-->Ori Tahiti workshop in Québec <!--:--><!--:es-->Ori Tahiti workshop in Québec <!--:--><!--:de-->Ori Tahiti workshop in Québec <!--:--> @ Ecole de danse orientale Shams | Québec | Québec | Canada

Ori Tahiti workshop in Québec city


Morning : 10 to 13.30

basis of the dance and easy choreography to drums ( otea routine)

Afternoon : 14.30 to 17

Aparima choréography
choreography to a song

choreographies to be fully different from those I will teach in Montreal


one class : 75 $
all day : 145 $

Enrollment conditions

to register a 35 $ deposit is to be made.

Tahitian dance workshop in Berlin @ La Caminada Tanz Studio
Dec 12 – Dec 13 all-day
<!--:fr-->Stage de Ori Tahiti à Berlin<!--:--><!--:en-->Tahitian dance workshop in Berlin<!--:--><!--:ja-->Tahitian dance workshop in Berlin<!--:--><!--:es-->Tahitian dance workshop in Berlin<!--:--><!--:de-->Workshop in Tahitianischem Tanz<!--:--> @ La Caminada Tanz Studio | Berlin | Berlin | Allemagne

Saturday December 12 th
12.30 / 18 including 30 mn break

Class 1 : dance technic and short routine to drums

Sunday December 13th
12.30 / 18 including 30 mn break

Class 2 :
warm up
otea routine
Aparima (easy to learn)

Ori Tahiti by Joëlle

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