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Te Tuamarama

  • International School of Tahitian Dance

    What is Te Tuamarama? Te Tuamarama is an international school of Ori Tahiti, a tradition of...

  • The Te Tuamarama Team

    The act of creating Ori Tahiti shows requires not only a choreographer and an instructor, but also...

  • Tamae Haruka Hitimahana

    Tamae came to receive her training with me in 2010, for a whole week. She was already teaching in...

  • Teachings

    It is my goal to instruct students in the same manner from which I was taught and from the lessons...

Logo de Ori Tahiti by Joelle

Workshops to come

Tahitian dance workshop in Komatsu @ Komatsu Japan こまつ芸術場うららリハーサル室
Apr 27 All day
<!--:fr-->Stage de Ori Tahiti à Komatsu<!--:--><!--:en-->Tahitian dance workshop in Komatsu<!--:--><!--:ja-->ワークショップIn小松<!--:--><!--:es-->Tahitian dance workshop in Komatsu<!--:--><!--:de-->Tahitian dance workshop in Komatsu<!--:--> @ Komatsu Japan こまつ芸術場うららリハーサル室 | Komatsu | Ishikawa | Japon

Sunday April 27th basics ; dance techniques drills and routine
From 13:00~14:30

Rate : 11 500 JPY

No other open workshops in the afternoon

Tahitian dance workshops in Nagoya @ Nagoya Japan
Apr 29 All day
<!--:fr-->Stages de Ori Tahiti à Nagoya<!--:--><!--:en-->Tahitian dance workshops in Nagoya<!--:--><!--:ja-->名古屋ワークショップ<!--:--><!--:es-->Tahitian dance workshops in Nagoya<!--:--><!--:de-->Tahitian dance workshops in Nagoya<!--:--> @  Nagoya Japan | Nagoya | Aichi | Japon

Tuesday April 29 )

10:00 – 11:30 Aparima Enjoy class students will choose one aparima out of three songs.

12:00 – 14:00 Otea regular class

15:00 – 17:30 Heiva rehearsal

Ori Tahiti workshops in Berlin @ Berlin Studio La Caminada
May 17 All day
<!--:fr-->Stage de ori Tahiti à Berlin <!--:--><!--:en-->Ori Tahiti workshops in Berlin<!--:--><!--:ja-->Ori Tahiti workshops in Berlin<!--:--><!--:es-->Ori Tahiti workshops in Berlin<!--:--><!--:de-->Workshop tahitianischer Tanz in Berlin<!--:--> @ Berlin Studio La Caminada | Berlin | Berlin | Allemagne

Workshop with Pauline Hinemarama

Saturday May 17 th
12 h / 17 h 30 including a 30 mn Pause

12 h / 15 h : review of the basic of the dance
15 h 30 / 17 h 30 choreography : otea routin or aparima.

price : 50 €

Tahitian dance workshops in Montréal @ Montréal Québec
Jun 21 – Jun 22 All day
<!--:fr-->Stage de Ori TAhiti à Montréal<!--:--><!--:en-->Tahitian dance workshops in Montréal<!--:--><!--:ja-->Tahitian dance workshops in Montréal<!--:--><!--:es-->Tahitian dance workshops in Montréal<!--:--><!--:de-->Tahitian dance workshops in Montréal<!--:--> @ Montréal Québec | Montréal | Québec | Canada

Saturday June 21st

Module 1
13h30 à 16h30 dance techniques and Drills all levels
Sunday June 22 nd

10h00 / 13h00 warm up and Otea choreography

13h00 à 14h00 “lecture” et questions about the danse and polynesian culture
14h00 à 15h00 brake

15h00 à 18h00 Aparima choreography

75 $ one workshop
150 $ tow workshops
200 $ the three workshops

Ori Tahiti workshops in Berlin in July @ La Caminada, Tanz studio, BERLIN, Deutschland
Jul 5 – Jul 6 All day
<!--:fr-->Stages de Ori Tahiti à Berlin<!--:--><!--:en-->Ori Tahiti workshops in Berlin in July<!--:--><!--:ja-->Ori Tahiti workshops in Berlin in July<!--:--><!--:es-->Ori Tahiti workshops in Berlin in July<!--:--><!--:de-->Tahitianischer Tanz Workshops in Berlin mit Joëlle<!--:--> @ La Caminada, Tanz studio, BERLIN, Deutschland | Berlin | Berlin | Allemagne

Saturday July 5th

Workshop 12:30h to 18:00h
Duration: 5 hour 30 including a 30min. pause

Dance technique, mechanic of the steps, the way to use your body while dancing, foot supports, aerial supports, transfer of the weight of the body, drills for all steps. Short routines .
This session is available for all level students: Each of the attenders will be corrected personally.

Sunday July 6th

Workshop: From 12:30 to 18:00
Duration: 5 hs 30 min. including a 30 min. pause


1) Otea: To drum music 2 hours level of the choreography will be adapted to the level of the attenders.

2 ) To chants : 3 hours ( 2 Aparima) I hope we have time.
Aparima Tipanie or another easy choreography
Aparima Na te moana or another one: elementary/ intermediate level.


All rates are to be paid when you enroll
84 € /day

payment methods : bank transfer or Paypal

for bank transfer ; please pay to Andrea

Accommodations in Berlin , for those coming from abroad :
Andrea proposes these places, close to the venue of the workshops

please find these hotels and appartments in

JPG Apartments Kreuzberg

Apartments Kreuzköln

Aletto Kudamm Hotel und Hostel

ANd Hostel world ( other website)