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Workshops to come

Ori Tahiti workshops in Toronto @ Toronto CANADA
Dec 6 all-day
<!--:fr-->Stages de Ori Tahiti à Toronto<!--:--><!--:en-->Ori Tahiti workshops in Toronto<!--:--><!--:ja-->Ori Tahiti workshops in Toronto<!--:--><!--:es-->Ori Tahiti workshops in Toronto<!--:--><!--:de-->Ori Tahiti workshops in Toronto<!--:--> @ Toronto CANADA | Toronto | Ontario | Canada

Tahitian dance ori Tahiti in Toronto

Sunday December 6th

Course A
Dance technics duration : 3 hours 15 to 18

* basis of the dance / the way to use your body while practicing Tahitian dance.

* The 2 basic motion , the way to do it in a correct way : tatue and Tahiri
* The 5 groups of basic steps : explanations about how basic steps stem from the 2 basic motions, and how all variation steps and fusion steps stem from basic steps.
* Drills for each of the basic steps
* Short routine including all basic steps and some tahiri tamau variations

This course includes explanations about body position and the way to practice in a correct way.

Course B
Otea routine ( to drums) duration : 3 hours 11 to 14

* Warm up / practice of the basis
* Choreography to drums.
As far as I don’t know students attending the course, I don’t make the choreography in advance.
I create new choreographies according to the level of participants. I do it on the spot. During the workshop.
Don’t worry, it always good !

Students can have a choice between 3 songs.


Early birds dealine : December 1st

1 course 83 CAN $
2 courses 160 CAN $

KELANI instructors see Kelani for instructor’s rates

at the door

1 course 90 CAN $
2 courses 175 CAN $

Three days intensive workshop teacher’s training course level 4 @ Wangen
Dec 18 @ 23 h 30 min – Dec 21 @ 6 h 30 min
<!--:fr-->Stage intensif de trois jours formation à l'enseignement niveau 4<!--:--><!--:en-->Three days intensive workshop teacher's training course level 4<!--:--><!--:ja-->Three days intensive workshop teacher's training course level 4<!--:--><!--:es-->Three days intensive workshop teacher's training course level 4<!--:--><!--:de-->Three days intensive workshop teacher's training course level 4<!--:--> @ Wangen  | Wangen | Alsace | France

Ori Tahiti teacher’s training course level four

This course is the last level of the teacher’s training course I propose. We will learn how to build a whole performace from a legend, a tale, or a contemporary text or topic.

Of course we will train and dance a few time in the morning .

We now have more and more dance contests : soloist or group contest, in many countries around the world.

Generaly, teams who enter the competition have to dance to a text , a theme, no matter if it is a very short or a longer one.

The last part of the teacher’s course , level 4, is made up of learning how to break down your text into the many parts of a whole performance. no matter how long it is, no matter if it is not in tahitian language.

We will learn how make it according to circumstances, constraints , and committment.

The details of the contents of the course has been released on the facebook wall of our group.
You can download it. It is still in french. Should you need more informations, please get in touch with me.

Intensive Ori Tahiti teacher’s training course level 2 in Berlin @ Afrika Yetu e. V.
Jan 19 @ 23 h 45 min – Jan 22 @ 7 h 00 min
<!--:fr-->Stage intensif de formation à l'enseignement du ori Tahiti niveau 2 à Berlin<!--:--><!--:en-->Intensive Ori Tahiti teacher's training course level 2 in Berlin<!--:--><!--:ja-->Intensive Ori Tahiti teacher's training course level 2 in Berlin<!--:--><!--:es-->Intensive Ori Tahiti teacher's training course level 2 in Berlin<!--:--><!--:de-->Intensivkurs Ori Tahiti Lehrertraining Level 2 in Berlin<!--:--> @ Afrika Yetu e. V. | Berlin | Berlin | Allemagne

Intensive three days worshop level 2

In this course you will learn how to create a choreography from a text.

Day 1

Morning: 10 h 45 à 13 h 45

We will first practice dance techniquess : basics and varations. For two hours.
Then I will introduce the way of making a choreography from a text .
We will have a short otea linked to a welcoming poem.

Lunch break : 1 h

Afternoon 15 h 45 à 17 h 45

We will start making the choreography.
As a homework, attenders will have to choreograph a few sentences of the text.
Each students will do her own homework.

Day 2

Morning : 10 h 45 à 13 h 45
Dance techniques : 2 h.
Students will show the homework they did.

Lunch break : 1 h

Afternoon 15 h 45 à 17 h 45
We will complete the choreography of the otea.
And we will start the aparima choreography.
As a homework attenders will have to choreograph a small part of the aparima.
Each student will do her own choreography.

Day 3

Morning : 10 h 45 à 13 h 45
Dance techniques : 2 h.
Presentation of the homework of each of the attenders.

Lunch break: 1 hour

Afternoon 15 h 45 à 17 h 45
Until the end of the course students will present their homework. We will do the corrections when necessary, and we will finish the aparima choreography.

Ori Tahiti workshop in Berlin @ La Caminada studio
Jan 24 @ 1 h 15 min – 6 h 45 min
<!--:fr-->Stage de ori tahiti à Berlin<!--:--><!--:en-->Ori Tahiti workshop in Berlin<!--:--><!--:ja-->Ori Tahiti workshop in Berlin<!--:--><!--:es-->Ori Tahiti workshop in Berlin<!--:--><!--:de-->Ori Tahiti workshop in Berlin<!--:--> @ La Caminada studio | Berlin | Berlin | Allemagne

Sunday January 24th

from 12 h15 to 17 h45, including 30 mn tea break

Part 1
12 h15 to 15 h15
Warm up and review of the basis
We will learn some of the variation steps
Choreography to drums. Suitable for all levels.

15 h15 à 15 h45 Tea break

Part 2
15 h45 to 17 h45
Choreography to a song : aparima.
Studenst will make a chice out of 2 songs.


84 € the whole course.

Ori Tahiti workshops in Paris @ OEPF
Jan 30 @ 3 h 00 min – Jan 31 @ 6 h 00 min
<!--:fr-->Stage de Ori Tahiti à Paris<!--:--><!--:en-->Ori Tahiti workshops in Paris<!--:--><!--:ja-->Ori Tahiti workshops in Paris<!--:--><!--:es-->Ori Tahiti workshops in Paris<!--:--><!--:de-->Ori Tahiti workshops in Paris<!--:--> @ OEPF | Paris | Île-de-France | France

Saturday afternoon : duration 3 hours

The way to use your body while dancing
Position of the body, stretching and muscles strengthening suitable for Ori Tahiti
foot support, breathing.

We will do exercicses to improve dance motion , drills for each step
coordination exercises.
personnal corrections, except for people who dont want to be corrected.

We booked a medium size room for the Saturday afternoon course; So we can have only 20 students.


Warm up
Otea style choreography, to a fusion style music.

Après midi
aparima : attenders willmake a choice ot of 3 songs.


Saturday 55 €

Sunday 84 €

half day : 60 €

Saturday and Sunday : 135 €

Ori Tahiti by Joëlle

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