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Teaching Adults

Teaching Adults

Ori Tahiti by Joelle. Enseignement de la danseIn Tahiti we tend to call adult lessons “mom classes” despite the fact that many of the students who attend these classes are not mothers.

Motivational factors vary from one student to the other, but I consider it necessary, even though the students are practicing Ori Tahiti as a recreational activity, that each student understands the why and wherefores of dance basics. Once the base principles have been acquired, everything becomes clear and easy.

I therefore attempt to make my students understand the basic moves and the essence of Tahitian dance, even during “mom classes” on the island of Moorea or abroad.

It can be useful for students to understand which muscles play part in each movement. I do not think that simply showing up is enough and also explanation alone does not complete the process. A combination of showing and explaining is the ideal situation.

I endeavor myself to correct each student on an individual basis. In order to feel comfortable with a move you must first learn to execute it correctly.

Only by this process can one find joy in Tahitian dance and joy is one of the characteristic features of this dance.

I begin every lesson with a light warm-up period, which is not a commonly recognized practice in all Ori Tahiti schools.

I find this practice to be indispensible despite the fact that many students see this as an opportunity to arrive late for my class.

Following the warm-up period, I continue my lesions with a technical session, which includes a review or learning of dance basics, variations, and mixed steps for the most advanced students.

Ori Tahiti by Joelle. Enseignement de la danseChoreography lessons are reserved for the second half of the class.
Simple choreography lessons that do not include dance basics and variation (except rehearsals for shows) do not allow students an opportunity to express themselves in dance while having fun.

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