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Te Tuamarama workshops from September to December 2014

Te Tuamarama workshops from September to December 2014

The Te Tuamarama workshops that took place from September to December 2014


Just after the Heiva in Paris, some 40 extremely motivated students took part in my Paris workshop. This intermediate-level workshop was organised in the new facilities of the “juste debout school” in the 20th arrondissement.
Unfortunately the renovations were not yet finished so we had to use a smaller room than expected; everyone’s spirits remained high nonetheless.

Quebec was my next destination, where my 2-and-a-half-day workshop brought together 25 students from Quebec, Ontario and Vermont.
I was so happy to see that some of the students, who are also teaching, are progressing with their dance schools, which bring the magic of Ori Tahiti all the way to these cold regions of Canada.


In November I was in Okayama and Ischikawa, Japan to lead a few small workshops. I then spent a week with Mihoko and her students running some intensive workshops, notably the workshops in Chigasaki had a lot of students.


I ran some workshops in Mexico for the first time; it was quite the experience and a culture shock.
In Monterrey, the majority of the students are already, or about to become, teachers; this meant that the workshops were more focused on teacher training. I also gave a few classes to children and adults who didn’t have much experience in Ori Tahiti.
In Mexico City, small groups of adults, who were mostly teachers, assisted to a few of my public workshops in order to get to know me and my teaching style.
I taught in some truly beautiful places, in some others very unlikely to host dance workshops.
Everyone I met was so friendly and they hope to see me back in Mexico again soon. Those 2 weeks in Mexico showed me, among other things, that people can still dance and laugh together despite their hardships.


I finished the year with a small workshop in Strasbourg, reserved for the solo Te Tuamarama dancers.
We danced a lot and we also drank and ate a lot! I loved visiting the Christmas markets. I must thank Myriam Maraea for such a lovely week in Alsace.

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