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General Conditions of Sale

General Conditions of Sale

The present conditions of sale are presented in part by Ori Tahiti, located at BP3015, Moorea, French Polynesia, registered at R.C.S. (Registre du commerce et des societes), matriculation number RCS, exercising its activities under number Tahiti, represented by its president, Madame Joelle Berg, further referred to as “Ori Tahiti”, and on the other hand by any natural or legal entity, further referred to as “the purchaser,” who wishes to purchase through the website

The present conditions of sale aim to determine contractual relations between GOUEUE company and the purchaser, and the conditions applicable to any purchase completed through the marketing website, whether the purchaser being of a professional or consumer nature. The purchase of goods or services through the present website implies an unconditional acceptation of the present conditions of sale.

These conditions of sale prevail on any other general conditions or particular those expressively agreed by Ori Tahiti. Ori Tahiti reserves the right to change conditions of sale at any time. In this case, the applicable conditions will be the ones in force at the original time of purchase.

Characteristics of the Goods and Services Provided
Goods and services offered are those that are specified in the catalogue published on the website. These goods and services are offered within the limit of availability. All products include a description established by Ori Tahiti.

Prices specified on the website exclude tax in Euros or in CFP Francs of VAT. A VAT rate of 10% is applicable to all services provided within French Polynesia. Any change in rate could be transferred to the price of goods and services. Ori Tahiti reserves the right to modify prices at any time, being nevertheless understood that the price specified in the catalogue the day of the order will be the only one applicable to the purchaser.

Geographical Area
Our online products are available to purchasers around the globe.

Those individuals wishing to buy a product or service must complete the following:
-Fill in the identification form in which he/she will specify all information required or gives his/her customer number if one is possessed.
-Fill in the online preorder form and include all the references of the chosen products or services.
-validate his/her order after having checked it
-pay in the conditions determined
-confirm his/her order and payment. The order confirmation means the full acknowledgement of the present conditions of sale, the acceptation of these conditions, and the renouncement to prevail oneself of his/her own purchase conditions or any other conditions.

All information provided coupled with the registered confirmation together are proof of transaction. The confirmation acts as a signature, which signifies an acceptance of the executed operations.

Ori Tahiti will communicate via email in order to provide confirmation of the order registered by the purchaser.

The purchaser, as a non-professional natural entity, has a withdrawal grace period of seven days. This period begins at the moment of purchase and allows the purchaser to return Ori Tahiti products for exchange or reimbursement without penalty (minus shipping and handling fees).

Payment modalities:
Payment is due at time of purchase. Payments must be made by credit card.
Payments will be conducted via the Paypal secured system, which uses SSL protocol. This system will encrypt information using software in order to protect the identity and personal information of the purchaser as it is sent over the open network.

The customer’s account will be charged at the time of the purchase of goods or services. The customer’s account will only be charged for the exact amount of goods or services either shipped or downloaded. Per request of the purchaser, a PDF format invoice showing the VAT, if any exists, will be sent by email.

Workshops will be organized according to the address indicated on the website.

In the event of extenuating circumstances that prevent the workshop from being organized on the original determined where the teacher is at fault, i.e. Go UEUE, the reimbursement will be completed integrally and free of charge to the purchaser.

Joelle Berg
98718 Moorea
French Polynesia

Ori Tahiti, in the process of online transaction, is only responsible for events that are within the control of the company; its liability cannot be engaged for damages resulting from problems created by the Internet network such as data loss, intrusion, virus, provider failure, or any other uncontrollable circumstances.
Intellectual property

All elements of the website are and will forever remain exclusive intellectual property of Ori Tahiti and are protected under international copyright law.

No individuals are authorized to copy, exploit, or use the intellectual property or visual and sound elements of the website without contractual consent from the company. Any sharing of the company’s link or hypertext is strictly prohibited without the written consent of Ori Tahiti.

Personal Data
In accordance with the Data Protection and Privacy Act established on January 6th of 1978, personal information belonging to clientele shall be automated through an automated system. Ori Tahiti reserves the right to collect clientele information, including by use of cookies, and if Ori Tahiti chooses to do so, relay this information to its trading partners.

Clientele have the right to refuse the transmission of their address and phone number, but must notify Ori Tahiti if this is desired. Clientele also reserve the right to access and rectify this data in accordance with the Data Protection and Privacy Act established on January 6th of 1978.

The automated processing of information, including the management of email addresses on the Ori Tahiti website users was the object of a declaration to CNIL (French board which enforces law on data protection).

Record Keeping and Transaction Receipt
Ori Tahiti shall keep record of all order forms and invoices on a reliable and durable support system that shall constitute a reasonable copy in accordance to Article 1348 of the Civil Code. The registration of clientele through the Ori Tahiti website shall be considered by the parties as proof of communications, orders, payments and transactions that have been made between the two parties.

Dispute Settlement
The conditions of online sales fall subject to the laws currently existing in French Polynesia. Any dispute that arises shall be settled by the Tribunal of Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia, notwithstanding the plurality of defendants or third party appeals.

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