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Workshops for Associations

Workshops for Associations

This type of workshop was designed for associations in metropolitan France.


10 or 12 hours. Longer sessions can be organized, especially for teacher-training workshops.


The programs proposed for the workshops for associations are the same as the :

Prices and General Conditions

Ori Tahiti by Joelle. Stages proposés aux associationsFor a 10 to 12 hour workshop, the general conditions are as follows:

Stage : 1600 EUR for a maximum of thirty participants. Accommodations must be provided.

A transportation fee from Paris to the city where the workshop will be held must be paid by the association.

All fees must be paid six weeks prior to the day of the workshop.
A contract must be signed by the association at least three months prior to the day of the workshop.

Conditions for Cancellation

Reimbursements will be made immediately in event of extenuating circumstances on our behalf that prevent the workshop from taking place. In case of a postponement, the afferent costs will be made to the charge of the association.

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