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Te Marama Misaki Yamamoto

Te Marama Misaki Yamamoto

Misaki Yamamoto has been my student since April of 2009. She first came to Tahiti to follow the Conservatoire Course for foreign students and simultaneously took private lessons from myself. She was a nurse in a Nagoya hospital at the time and did not know much about Tahitian dancing, but she did possess a strong desire to learn.

She later told me that she had been asked to teach Tahitian dance and expressed her desire to learn the art of Tahitian dance instruction.
I must admit that I was at first doubtful that Misaki would be able to make the transition from student to instructor, but I decided to teach her because I could see her willingness to learn.

Her determination and perseverance to execute my instructions to the letter guided her in her transition to elegant dancer and above all, a wonderful teacher. Misaki was able to leave her position in the field of nursing and today, two and a half years after opening her school, she has over 150 students and performs regularly during various occasions. Misaki

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