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Te Pu atiti’a

Te Pu atiti’a

Te Pu atiti’a

Te Pu atiti’a is a cultural association working from the island of Moorea. Te Pu atiti’a works in close relation to Gump Station, a Berkley University research facility located in the Pacific. Te Pu atiti’a has developed an original approach that consists in combining ancestral knowledge with modern scientific methods in an objective of sustainable development.

Among its members, Te Pu atiti’a has a few “elders” from the five villages of Moorea Island. These “elders” are grouped in a wise council, in order to guarantee the transmission of traditional knowledge.

The association also has contacts with many environmental and cultural associations in Polynesia and other Pacific countries.
Te Pu atiti’a serves as an exchange platform between science and traditional knowledge, which plays an important role in community awareness.

The program’s central focus is to maintain the vitality of knowledge from within the Moorea community by consolidating communication between generations.

Learn More About Te Pu atiti’a

The Te Pu atiti’a Association is primarily financed through international sponsorship by the SEACOLOGY and UCB University of Berkeley Foundations.

Along with Science and Educational programs, the association offers the public a variety of activities and cultural workshops:

  • tapa making workshop,
  • polynesian plants used in dyeing workshop,
  • weaving workshop,
  • dance and percussions workshops with Joelle,
  • tahitian language workshop.

Once a month, Te Pu Atiti’a organizes a traditional market where craftsmen and farmers from the island come to sell their products.

“Ahi ma’a”, a traditional meal is organized at this occasion.

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