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About workshops abroad

About workshops abroad

Philosophy of Te Tuamarama as regards teaching abroad

The teachings of Te Tuamarama Ori Tahiti International School take into account the cultural specificities of each country where Te Tuamarama teachers hold workshops.

Te Tuamarama considers that the quality of teaching depends on the following areas:

  • The number of participants: the number of students in a workshop must not exceed 30, to the exception of solo workshops. The minimum number is generally about 12, to the exception again of solo workshops.
  • In order to be efficient in group solo workshops, the teacher must look at students individually. Therefore, a maximum of 8 to 10 participants is relevant when it is not a private class, but a group solo workshop. To accept more than 10 students in a group solo workshop would verge a rip-off.

Workshops frequency when travelling abroad

Ori Tahiti by Joelle. Au sujet des workshops à l'étrangerThe quality of teachings always depends on the amount of attention the teacher allocates to each student. We believe we must be able to observe the different cultures where we introduce Ori Tahiti. Te Tuamarama teachers must have time to observe these cultures and build relationships with teachers of the host country.

We cannot teach foreigners as we teach in Tahiti, and to think that we can behave the same way with Spaniards and Japanese people would be a mistake.

Observing habits and attitudes will teach us a lot on how to make our approach to teach dance movements. For instance, when I was forced by Misaki-san in Nagoya, to wear a Kimono at the occasion of a castle visit, I understood many things about the way to make my Japanese students move.

As a result

Te Tuamarama does not accept to teach more than 6 hours of workshop per day. We would just eventually add an hour of conference to the 6 hours of workshop.

When we move from one location to another, we cannot organize workshops on that day, to the exception that we move only inside the same city, or if the second location is inside a 50 kilometers distance of the first one, and if the transport conditions are comfortable and no longer than 2 hours.

The schedule and time must be confirmed by Te Tuamarama before being decided.

Transport and accomodation fee, billing

According to countries and under certain conditions, transport and accommodation fees are or are not at the expense of the school or the agency that hold the workshops.

The conditions regarding fee will be negotiated after we accept to organize the workshop. These conditions can or cannot be the subject of a written contract.

There are no fixed rules about this matter. Similarly, the prices of the workshop are decided case by case, due to exchange rates that can greatly fluctuate.

The currency used for payment is always the currency of the host country. However, the currency used for billing can be the Euro or the national currency.

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