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Use of Body in Tahitian Dance Practice

Use of Body in Tahitian Dance Practice

Duration: 3 Hours
Participants: Anyone above 15 years of age. Students’ level can vary. This program is for students who are experienced with dance and beginner students.

Contents: Foot support, aerial support, body position, detailed execution of the two basic movements, Tahiri and Otamu, proper coordination between breathing, sound, and movement, proper coordination between gesture and step, and muscle relation to dance movement.

This workshop aids in the development of awareness to the movement of the body in space. During the workshop students must be corrected on an individual basis. Students must ensure that they are ready for an intensive study before signing up for this workshop. This particular workshop usually lasts 6 hours but can be shortened to 3 hours. Students must take the Use of Body in Tahitian Dance Practice workshop before attending any other advanced courses.

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