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Workshops by Level: Intermediate

Workshops by Level: Intermediate

Determining a student’s level is completely subjective, depending on the teacher’s understanding of both intermediate and advanced. As far as I am concerned there are four levels of instruction and expertise:

  • Initial: the student has never danced,
  • Beginner: the student has been dancing on a regular basis for at least six months,
  • Intermediate : vous avez au minimum une année de pratique sur une base régulière,
  • Advanced : pour suivre ce stage, soit je vous connais et vous admets au stage, soit vous m’envoyez une vidéo de vous-même…

Jusque-là pas de soucis; les choses sont claires.

When does a student move from the beginner stage to the intermediate level ?

I believe it is possible for a student to have danced for six months and possess an intermediate level according to my guidelines. Also, for a magnitude of reasons, it is possible for a student to have danced for years and still not have transitioned to the intermediate level.

It is not about whether the student knows the names and count of the steps, but rather about the quality of execution.

For these reasons, I adapt my instruction to the true level of the students, upon completion of the warm-up session, during choreography workshops. This is also the reason why I find it necessary to assign an aparima to a workshop after having been able to assess the effective level of the participants.

The student should not fret over level identification. When a workshop with an intermediate level is organized, the level will always be included with the workshop announcement. Also, I always adapt my instructional method to the true level of the students.

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