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Heiva of the schools of dance : beginning of reheasals with the drummers

Heiva of the schools of dance : beginning of reheasals with the drummers

 Dance schools Heiva 2014: Te Tuamarama rehearsals with the drummers

As I have announced it in an earlier post, Te Tuamarama will participate to the heiva of dance schools that will be held at the end of May 2014 in Papeete.

All students are coming from abroad. It is the first time that foreign students attend this event in Tahiti.

This heiva is not a contest. It is a festival for dance; it is a gathering of people who practice Tahitian dance as leisure, as a sport, as a group activity, or even as a mean of life therapy.

I am proud and happy to give to all my students who receive Te Tuamarama teachings in the different countries I teach this opportunity to experience such a joyful event.

The program of the performance includes both aparima and otea.

One aparima will be performed by all students: teie to’u Marama.

The other aparima have been already learned during the workshops of the last two last years.

Students who did not take theses workshops can learn the choreographies from their teachers, or from the assistants.

Teia to’u Marama is a song by Temaeva. It was created in 1978, to be used as one of the songs of the heiva performance.

Teie To’u Marama is an ode to the light, and to the moonlight which enlighten our hearts.

We will also perform several otea. The otea will be performed with live music.

Libor Prokop composed these drum songs in association with Nonahere drummers. Matani Kainuku, the head of Nonahere dance group has accepted to help us. I thank him warmly for his contribution to Te Tuamarama.

Rehearsals are going to start in Japan in November in Nagoya, Chigasaki, and Okinawa

They will be then followed by rehearsals in Europe in January and February.

Japanese students will have other rehearsal workshops in March and April 2014.

For further information, please contact

Haruka, from Osakahitimahana_haruka�

Misaki, from Nagoya  misaki3302�

For information in Spanish or in English    contact�


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