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Osaka 2013 Regular classes

Osaka 2013 Regular classes

Sunday June 16 was the last day of our workshop journey in Osaka. On this last day, we had three workshops of two hours each: dance technics for intermediary level, otea choreography for intermediary dancers, and an easy aparima choreography from SABRINA’s last song “Terehe vahine”.
Participants were from Osaka but also from Tokyo and other cities of the Kansai area and they all enjoyed this warm and relaxed atmosphere.

One of the participants was seven month pregnant!

We ended the day with SABRINA’ s song about the silly actions of Terehe vahine, who was responsible for the separation of Raiatea and Tahaa.

Tamae san , Hitimahana, is a remarkable organizer.

The next day, David and l went back to our headquarters in Okinawa!

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