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Preparation for Heiva I Osaka. Okinawa December 2012 to March 2013

Preparation for Heiva I Osaka. Okinawa December 2012 to March 2013

Preparation with Poemarama for Heiva I Osaka

Kayoko Poemarama expressed her desire for a theme relating to nature and femininity. In order to fulfill this request, I co-wrote “Maha Tahei” with Merehau Anastas Teavai. This poem demonstrates the life of a woman who is shrouded by different winds that awaken her senses.

Rehearsals started at the end of December and I helped guide them until the beginning of February. I then returned in March to end the rehearsal program.

Two separate level groups performed a long eight-minute Otea that was arranged to fit the rules established by the organizer of the event. One of the groups represented the winds, while the other group represented the woman that was affected by the winds.
The rehearsals were not sufficiently long enough for Poemarama to win a prize, but it was a good experience for them. It was the first time for the Poemarama girls to dance on a text, and they worked very hard while acquiring a bit of expressiveness.

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Kayoko and her students wanted to make the costumes by themselves with materials fully imported from Moorea, so I therefore brought with me the 50 more needed for the performance. It was a difficult experience considering that one does not become a wardrobe master overnight, especially when working with More and Pandanus, which are materials that they had not previously worked with. The students did their best and they were very brave.

Photo album

The Poemarama team that joined the Heiva has decided to retry the adventure in the near future.


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